Full Service, No Compromise.

Clubcanthear is a team of passionate artists working in the music industry. We collaborate with clients to establish bold, effective music products.

Audio Mastering

This is our advanced mastering process. You’ll receive a 320kbps MP3 & WAV format files. 3 revisions on your track so you can have it dialed in exactly how you need it, and professional loudness so your track will stack up with industry standard. No brickwalls were harmed in the limiting of this track.

Stem Mastering

As mastering engineers, it’s our job to improve upon what you have already created. We take your sound to the next level and get it ready for any platform you will play it on. iTunes, headphones, club systems or festivals, we are ready to bring the most out of your track, the way YOU want it to be. Simple.


Unlike other automatic mastering services, we can listen to your feedback, identify any issues or changes you would like done, and modify the track to suit your needs. As producers and DJs ourselves, we know how special and close your music is to yourself.